Nice Things People Are Saying About Us

"The remarkable honesty is refreshing. Whether you're consigning a boat, or picking up a new vessel, rest assured that their knowledge and expertise are unmatched. I picked up my first boat from Alex in June, and look forward to working with him in the future. He is extremely helpful in making the process as painless as possible. He thoroughly answered all of my questions, and I had quite a few. My boat is exactly what was advertised. He referred me to a mechanic that is fair and honest as well. Go talk to Alex first. It'll save you a lot of time and effort."

-Michael C.

"I drove from Utah to Tampa and back to buy a boat that Alex had for sale. Once we arrived the boat was even better than advertised. He then pointed us in the perfect direction to spend a couple days on the Florida beaches. His recommendations were spot on. He is absolutely honorable and honest. I hope to buy my next 10 boats from him. Alex, thanks again for all your help."

-Tyler L.

"Alex was fantastic!!
I have been searching for a boat for 5 months. 
I live in Long Island and found the aquasport down in Florida with Alex. 
He is professional, always got back to me whenever I had a question and he was totally upfront and honest with me. A truly nice and honest guy to do business with. 
I am recommending my friends here on Long Island Alex, on a scale from 1-10 was a 10 plus!!!!!!!!"
-John G.

"Alex is a unique businessman. He is actually quite honest, understated, and very efficient. He is a gem in a market niche that is full of actors who will tell you anything to get you to buy what is often a piece of junk. He is thoughtful and his follow up communication skills are excellent. He does not push you at all and encourages you to have everything checked out thoroughly before purchasing. It would be a better world if there were more business people like him. Since it is not a better world, don't hesitate to work with him if he has a boat you like."

-Ralph C.

"My experience with Endless Seas was refreshing! Alex outlined his plan to market my boat, did as he said he would and in a timely fashion. He was most professional through the entire process. I would recommend his company to anyone interested in selling a boat via a consignment shop!"

-Mike P.

"Dealing with Alex and Endless Seas Boat Sales was a breath of fresh air. No high pressure tactics, total disclosure, and a level of customer care and service seldom encountered these days. Alex took the time and trouble throughout to let me know the upsides and pitfalls of every possible scenario, connected me with entrusted personnel to work on my boat over the long term, as well as referring me to others, with a "sliding scale" for my expectations of his own impressions from experience. He did me some valued favors, too, including help and patience with unexpected difficulties I encountered with obtaining various permits—never complaining of the impositions they put on him. In addition, his integrity when negotiating—a quality that has continued long after the sale—as well as afterward, were striking in a world where the bottom line sales pitch and fast turnover rules all."

-Tony C.

"I recently purchased a boat from Alex.  He was honest, straight forward and extremely helpful.  The pricing was fair and appropriate and I could not be more pleased with my boat.  His additional information regarding electronic purchases and marine service was right on spot.  He went above and beyond,  delivering my boat to  my lift.  I would recommend him without reservation.  In a time of unreliable salespeople, he is a breath of fresh air or should I say salt air.  Thanks Alex!!"

-Dr. P

"Can’t say enough in appreciation of the great communication Alex put forth during our interaction. After a summer-long search, wasting lots of time & money while working through several brokers (and two pricey surveys), it was very refreshing to work with someone who answers their phone, responds to emails, and follows up & through within the time promised. To me, that was gold. I can handle bad news, delays, rejected offers, and everything else related to purchasing a boat. What makes a good salesperson stand out in a sea of really bad salespeople is their respect of the customer’s time. Alex was low-pressure, didn’t hold back any news that wasn’t stellar, and again, communicated with me. And after the purchase was finalized, there was an issue with the boat that I was fully-prepared to take care of. However, Alex took the initiative to contact the seller on my behalf and negotiated the responsibility of the repair back to them. Endless Seas is a small, family-owned business that I was proud to support and work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a boat. Thanks so much for everything."
-Dawson F.

"Thank you to Endless Seas and Alex for a great boat buying experience.  Such a professional and he really took care of us. We would recommend them to anyone!"

-Mark & Lisa


Another happy customer took us fishing on his new Triton that he bought from us. What a day of slaying 'em!